2024 Software Wishlist Survery Results

Dear Lucid: Your owners have spoken! Please implement these software features!

In January 2024, the moderators at www.lucidowners.com conducted a poll asking owners to vote on their most desired software features in the Lucid Air.  Each owner was given 100 votes to distribute amongst the following list, which shows the results in order of votes received.

Note to Lucid: I honestly believe that if all of these items were implemented, we would have the perfect software system in a car! -Bobby

Total Submissions: 610- updated 5/7/2024 (red = Top 10; green = feature implemented)

5357 - Dash Cam Mode (cameras record while driving)

4969 - Sentry Mode (cameras record while unattended)

4290 - Android Auto

3849 - Dream Drive Pro additional features

3232 - User control over Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel display (i.e. audio on one and navigation on the other)

2619 - Replace Here maps with Google Maps

2558 - Option to view actual miles remaining based on real-world history instead of theoretical (EPA) miles remaining

1853 - Improved HomeLink interface

1842 - CarPlay 2 (when first available)

1789 - Automatic HomeLink activation when enter/leave geofenced area

1642 - Mobile app: windows, seat heater, defroster, steering wheel controls

1594 - Geofencing for passive lock/unlock (i.e. car to stay unlocked at home)

1333 - Layout/content options for main center dashboard

1180 - Finer control over intermittent wipers and wiper speeds

1133 - Exterior lights full off mode

894 - More comprehensive information displays ("nerd" mode)

871 - Add additional music sources such as Apple Music, etc.

841 - Audio to pause when driver's door is opened

801 - Dog Mode (user to select duration)

771 - Planned departures (for climate control and battery preparation)

764 - User selectable Easy Entry position

741 - Enhanced sound controls (equalizer)

716 - Unlocking to not activate mirrors, audio, and A/C until door is opened

715 - A minimum of charge percentage upon arrival for route and charge planning

707 - Upload entire routes from Google Maps, Apple Maps, Lucid App, etc.

664 - Add trip efficiency options, including "lifetime" and "this trip"

628 - User programming for 19", 20" and 21" wheel swaps (TPMS, range)

623 - Schedule charging improvements including control over duration, multiple schedules, location based-schedules, and control via app

590 - User control over navigation favorites on Home Screen (edit, add, remove)

584 - Longer music buffering to improve performance in areas with intermittent cellular coverage

562 - Add EV awareness to CarPlay

560 - Hide audio sources that are not activated or desired

547 - Add video sources

526 - Allow each user to have a unique app login

525 - Retain tire pressure information after car goes to sleep

495 - Locking/unlocking user options such as driver's door only and passive locking delay control

472 - Intensity levels for steering wheel heat

453 - Show range at destination in percent when percent is selected rather than miles

431 - Memory presets for driver and passenger seats independent of profile

390 - Vehicle cellular connectivity options, possibly with owner supplied SIM card

387 - Allow sharing of user selected options (like HomeLink) across multiple user profiles

373 - Enhanced mirror fold options (possibly geofencing)

369 - Rear screen audio controls

353 - Additional information while charging (kW added, etc.)

325 - Automatically turn on rear HVAC based on last setting

221 - Select profile from mobile app