Lucid Air FAQ


How do I shift into neutral?

Hold the brake pedal. From any "gear," including Park, push up or down slightly on the right side shift stalk. Hold it at this point for about one second and it will shift to neutral.

The reason for this process is to avoid accidentally shifting the car into neutral while driving by tapping the shift lever inadvertently.

How do I engage Launch Mode?

To engage Launch Mode, first select Sprint Mode. Next, proceed to press firmly on brake pedal and hold it down. It’s important you wait a short moment then press the accelerator all the way down to the floor, and hold it there at the same time as the brake pedal. At this point a Blue California Bear will appear on the Center Cockpit Panel and the vehicle with say “Launch Mode”

Put your head back against the seat, release the brake pedal, and you will launch!

How does regeneration strength differ with drive modes?

An owner measured the time it took the car to decelerate from 50 MPH to a stop in each mode with both high and standard regeneration. The test was performed 3 times on each setting and then averaged the results.

Standard regen mode:
Smooth: 11.0 seconds
Swift: 18.0 seconds
Sprint: 17.7 seconds

High regen mode:
Smooth: 9.3 seconds
Swift: 9.3 seconds
Sprint: 9.3 seconds

High regen is the same across all drive modes. However, standard regen shows there is a significant difference between Smooth mode and Swift/Sprint modes. If you prefer the least amount of regen (to feel like an ICE vehicle, use Swift mode and standard regen.

Range and Charging (many thanks to forum members DeaneG and HariK for his contributions to this section)

What's the difference between NACS (Tesla) and CCS (Electrify America and others)?

Tesla Superchargers have a unique connector (plug), called NACS ("North American Charging Standard"), that isn’t directly compatible with any other manufacturers’ EVs, most of which use the CCS ("Combined Charging System") standard receptacle.

A select few Tesla superchargers now have CCS plugs built in ("Magic Dock") that can be used to charge non-Tesla cars, including the Lucid Air. This is accomplished via the Tesla app.

In November 2023, Lucid announced that they would adopt the NACS standard in 2025. Adapters will be provided to earlier cars.

One other important factor to remember is that Tesla’s current V2 and V3 Superchargers are only capable of supplying about 450 volts to charge an EV. High voltage EVs, like Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan, and the Hyundai/Kia Ioniq 5, EV6, etc, charge slowly on Supercharger stations as a result. The Lucid Air, for example, is limited to 50kW charging at Supercharger stations, far below the 300+kW peak that is possible at a CCS station. CCS stations have been capable of 920-volt minimum operation for about a decade, and the Air was designed to fully take advantage of the higher battery voltage. Tesla is said to be working on 1000-volt capable V4 Supercharging hardware, but none had been installed as of this writing, worldwide. In the coming year, Tesla will also need to make changes to their Supercharger software and remote monitoring processes to accommodate non-Tesla vehicles.

Currently adapters do work at "Tesla Destinations Chargers," which are not Superchargers. These are essentially the same as a home charger that is made public and found at hotels, campgrounds, etc.

How do I know my range?

There are two options displaying range during regular driving. Range can be shown as a percentage of battery remaining or miles remaining. It is important to note that currently, the miles remaining display on the vehicle utilizes the EPA estimated efficiency for the car. While achievable, there is a low percentage of drivers who will drive in this EPA efficient manner. Having miles remaining instead of percentage remaining may trick drivers into a false sense of range, especially if the drive is not maximizing efficient driving.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that you set the display to percentage remaining. This can be set on the Pilot Panel (Settings > Displays > Units). Then, you can calculate the range based on your personal historical average.

Your average efficiency is located on the trips screen of the pilot panel. from the home screen, tap the Trips button. Average efficiency is displayed on the pilot panel and can be reset at the beginning of your trip if desired. Then, perform the calculation below to find miles remaining.

[Efficiency (m/kWh)] x [percent of battery remaining] x [battery size (kWh)]

Battery size will depend on your car.
Dream Edition - 118 kWh
Grand Touring - 112 kWh
Touring - 92 kWh
Pure - 88 kWh

Calculation example:
The Grand Touring has a 112 kW battery. If the display states 30% state of charge remaining and an average efficiency of 3.3 miles/kWh, calculate 112 x 3.3 x 30% which equals 111 miles remaining.

Alexa and Siri both work well for this: "Alexa, what is 112 times 3.3 times .3?"

For a quick calculation, multiply remaining percent by 3 to give a reasonable estimate.

How much charge do I need?

For local driving, just watch how much % you need per week. The average driver in the US commutes 41 miles per day, which is a total 260 miles in 7 days. which is less than the range of any Lucid Air.

In the winter, range will be less.

How low can I let my car go before charging?

The Lucid will ask you to find a charger at 15%. Do that only in rare cases on a long distance trip. 20% minimum charge is best for your batteries and their longevity. This is no different than not draining the gas tank below 1/4 to 1/8.

How fast will the car charge at home with the included charger?

This depends on your charger and the amperage it delivers. For example, with a 40 amp charger:

240V * 40Amps = 9600Wats = 9.6kW per charge hour. So, in 10 hrs, 96kWh. This equated to about 25 to 30 miles per charge hour, although hiugher is posible depending upon state of charge and ambient conditions.

So 10 to 12hrs max for 0% - 100% depending on model.

Remember, charging will slow down as it reaches the upper charge levels.

How fast can I charge if I buy a Lucid Connected Home Charging Station (wall mounted charger)?

240V 80A = 19,200W = 19.2kW, which is two times faster than the included mobile charger! This can result in chartge speeds of up to 80 miles per charge hour.

This charger will require a 100Amp breaker. You need to consult an electrician and you may have to upgrade your service.

Does the Lucid have Vehicle to House (V2H) capability?

Lucid has said that this will be available in the future and may/will require addiotonal hardware.

What level should I set my charging limit?

It is best to stay at or below maximum charge of 80% for local driving. In rare instances it is acceptable to charge to 100%. Charging 95% to 100% on a DC fast charger may take as long as 20 minutes at a DC Fast charger and 40 minutes at 240V Lucid Mobile charger. Pre cool/heat the car while charging before you drive a long distance.

Charging the vehicle up to 100% may affect the long term longevity of the HV battery. Your battery is covered for 8 years, 100k miles, to 70% capacity

If you want the battery to outlive the warranty then it would be most recommended to limit charge to 80%

What does the charging curve look like?

A charge curve shows the expected rate of charging as a function of current battery charge level.

See an example charging times and curves here:

How fast will Lucid charge at the EA 150kW or 350kW charger?

If you find the best EA 350kW charger, you may be able to get a charge of 2.5kWh per minute (kWh delivered divided by time in minutes) if you charge between 10% and 80%. If EA works the best, we should get 3+ kWh per minute as the system improves.

If you find the best EA 150kW charger, you may be able to get a charge of 2.0kWh per minute if you charge between 10% and 80%.

Do I need to open the Lucid or EA App to charge at EA?

Usually not.

When you have free charging with Lucid, ideally you should not need any App. Just connect the cable and tap Continue on the charger screen. If you walk away from the car, you can open Lucid App and see the status and time remaining.

But if charging does not start automatically, try opening the Lucid App and go to the Charging tab. There may be a prompt there asking you for input.

What happens if EA charger wants me to pay?

Open the Lucid App and select EA as the charger and then select the station ID and confirm.

What happens if the EA charger screen is black or has an error message?

Try another station if it is open. You can call EA and they may be able to reset the charger sometimes (or tell you that the charger is down waiting for parts or software).


What tire and wheel options are there?

It is important to maintain proper tire pressure for best efficiency and handling. The manufacturer's recommended tire pressures are as follows:
20” and 21” - 42 psi
19” - 49 psi

Some owners have two sets of wheels, one for summer driving and one for winter. if they are different sizes, the TPMS of the vehicle requires a manual software configuration change that must be performed by a Lucid Service Technician in conjunction with Software Department whenever the wheels are changed over. Contact Lucid customer service for this.

Some 21" wheel owners have had sidewall bulges and tears due to road hazard and have opined that other tire brands may be more resilient. Some have suggested fitting Michelin PS4 tires to the vehicle.

Regarding tire bulges and blowouts: neither Lucid nor Pirelli will warranty against road hazards. It is highly recommended to purchase an aftermarket warranty from Discount Tire/America's Tire. COst is about $60 per tire. Some have also secured aftermarket roadside assistance for this.

Below is information about 21” tire load rating (older system) and load index (newer and more specific, see link below for more information on these).

Pirelli (approved by Lucid)
Load rating: XL
Front load index: 99 (1709lb per side = 3418lb)
Rear load index: 103 (1929lb per side = 3858lb)
Total load rating: 7276lb

Michelin PS4
Front load index: 96 (1565lb per side = 3130lb)
Rear load index: 101 (1819lb per side = 3638lb)
Total load index: 6768lb

Vehicle weight is 5236lb so:
-Pirellis allow for 2040lb of passengers and cargo.
-Michelins allow for 1532lb of passengers and cargo.

The 20" tires on the Touring are Michelin PS EV which are load index 99. This tire is not available in the 21" size for Lucid.

What is the proper wheel torque?

Proper wheel torque is 150 Nm
Lug nut size is 21mm

What should I do if my easy entry/exit setting is grayed out?

It is likely that your vehicle needs a procedure called "seat homing." This procedure is so that the car can learn the front most, rear most, highest, and lowest positions of the seat.

This must be done by a mobile tech or service center. Contact customer service to arrange for that to be done.

How do I keep my &%^$ visor mirror cover from falling down? (video)

My rear deck creaks. What shall I do?

Some owners have reported a creaking sound from the rear deck. In many cases, this can be the result of the rear deck leather rubbing up against the rear window glass. To determine if you have this issue with your vehicle, it is important to identify the source of the creek. Oftentimes it is located at the left and right edges of the rear glass. Slide a microfiber towel or other soft material in between the deck and glass to see if this solves the problem. If it does, ⅛” thick neoprene foam without adhesive works best. A piece approximately 1” x 4” can be gently slid between the rear deck and window glass at the areas of importance.

Why are there dark squares in my headlight pattern?

There are 2 dark rectangular portions in the headlights. These areas are intentional and are to help reduce glare for oncoming drivers.

Why does my A/C sometimes seem weak?

Sometimes it is necessary to cycle through all the modes (defrost, top vents, foot vents) a few times to stimulate the AC to start outputting nice and cold.

First turn Sync on, set fan speed to max, turn on all zones (defrost, forward, downward)

Now wait a moment (7 seconds or so) for the vents/flaps to finish moving.

Second, turn off the forward vent option.

Wait again 7 seconds.

Third turn the forward vent on, turn off defrost, and turn off downward vents.

Wait again 7 seconds.

You'll notice at this point the vents will make a different pitch/tone sound where it sounds (and feels!) like the air is moving in a very unrestricted manner.


What is Mobile Key?

Mobile Key allows your phone to work as a key without the need for the Key Fob or Keycard. Mobile Key works via bluetooth and does not require an active internet connection on your mobile device. There is no need to directly utilize the Lucid app to unlock or lock the car. When you approach the vehicle, it will automatically unlock and begin the startup process. When you walk away, the car will lock and shut down.

If you prefer to use the physical Keyfob, there is no need to set up Mobile Key on your phone. In fact, some owners have reported “key confusion” when both are utilized simultaneously.

Note: You may also use the Lucid app to lock or unlock the car (whether or not you have Mobile Key installed. This is performed via the Internet and requires a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. if the vehicle or your phone has no cellular coverage, the app will not be able to connect to the car and lock/unlock or perform any of the other functions in the app, but the mobile key will still work.

Your Lucid will have up to two separate bluetooth connections. The first, indicated as Lucid-##### (where the ##### is the last 5 of your VIN) on your phone, is for Mobile Key only. The second is indicated as Lucid Air ### (where the ### is the last 3 numbers of your VIN). This connection is for infotainment (phone, audio, CarPlay).

How do I set up Mobile Key on my iPhone?

Launch the Lucid app. In the upper right corner, there is a small icon that looks like a remote sending a signal. This is the button to initiate mobile key setup. Once pressed, follow the prompts to set up Mobile Key. You will need to set your iPhone Location to “Always,” turn on “Precise Location” in the Lucid app settings and be connected to the car via bluetooth (from the Pilot Panel inside the vehicle).

It is not necessary to have the Lucid app running on your iPhone in order to utilize mobile key. It need only be installed on your iPhone. Simply stand near the car with the phone and the doors will unlock. When you walk away from the car, the doors will automatically lock and the mirrors will fold.

How do I set up Mobile Key on my Android phone?

(Note: The example here is done on a Samsung S22. Other Android phones may have different screen layouts/options.)

Located in the mobile app, in the upper right corner, there is a small icon that looks like a remote sending a signal. This is the button to initiate mobile key setup. Once pressed, follow the prompts to set up mobile key. You will need to enable Location and Bluetooth and do this inside the vehicle.

Once paired you will need to ensure the app doesn’t sleep. To do this, go to Settings, Battery and Device, Car, Battery, Background Usage Limits, Never Sleeping apps, and then Add Lucid.

Additionally, you will need to keep the app open. While the app is running, tap the 3 vertical lines button (lower left), then tap the large "L" at the top of the app, then tap Keep Open in the dropdown menu.

How do I use the Key Fob?

The Key Fob will automatically be detected by the car when you get near it. As you approach, the doors will unlock. When you walk away from the car, the doors will automatically lock and the mirrors will fold.

Additionally, there is one button on the Fob, which located in the center of the top of the fob, above the “C” in LUCID

One press - lock the car
Two presses - unlock the car
Press and hold - open/close frunk
Press once quickly then press and hold - open/close trunk
Four presses - activate alarm

Fob schmob.

What if my keyfob batteries aren't lasting long enough?

Not all key fob batteries are compatible with your Lucid Key Fob. Batteries that have the “child safety” logo where bitterant coating is applied can cause the key fob to not work reliably.

The safety coating on these batteries can block its connection to the key fob, causing the device not to turn on, and making you think something is wrong with your key - when in reality it’s the battery!

The solution is one of two options:
1. Attempt to clean the bitterant coating off the battery using a razor blade (safety first!) or using rubbing alcohol & paper towel. If you have children in your home and afraid to do so, only clean it immediately before installation.
2. Purchase a battery that does not have bitterant coating. Hitachi batteries seem to fit this desciption.

Why did Lucid design it this way?
The problem is not related to Lucid’s design. Major tech companies like Garmin and Apple have similar problems with their coin-cell powered devices. The problem is hundreds of children per year are supposedly swallowing these batteries, and the design of these electrical devices was not created with this in mind.

What should I do if I am locked out of my car?

If your key fob battery is dead and you do not have mobile key set up or available, you can still open the car in one of several ways:

1. Use the key card by pressing it just above the camera just rearward the driver door. There is a picture on the key card showing the exact placement.

2. Use the key fob by first holding in the driver door handle for three full seconds and then applying the fob below the camera. See video under question, "How can I unlock the door if my keyfob battery is dead?"

3. As the last resort, service can unlock the door remotely.

It's a very good idea to try both of these and understand them prior to an emergency situation.

I recommend carrying your key card at all times in case your phone or fob is lost.

How can I unlock the door if my keyfob battery is dead? (video)

Here's a link to a video of how to unlock you car with the fob even if the keyfob battery is totally dead!


How do I reset my car?

There are many computer systems in the Lucid Air. Just like any computer, these systems sometimes require a reset. There are several different known resets.

•Sleep: This reset will occur when the car is locked. by simply walking away from the car for more than thirty minutes, it will go to sleep and when it next wakes up a reset will have occurred. You can disable proximity sensing of the Mobile Key or Fob by locking with the Key Card (see below for more information about locking and unlocking).

•Logo Reset: This is similar to restarting your computer. Go to Settings, About and look for the “Air” logo in the upper left of the Pilot Panel. Press on the center of the logo steadily for 15-20 seconds and you will see a “Powering off” message appear in the upper right panel. Release the button. Allow the car to reboot.

•“Bobby” Reset: This is most often used if the Pilot Panel is non-responsive but the upper screen is responding normally. Tap your profile picture in the upper left hand corner of the right dashboard screen and choose Guest Profile. After the Guest Profile loads, tap the button again and load your desired profile.

•Customer Service Reset: If needed, contact Customer Care (888-995-8243) either by phone or text and explain the situation. Customer Care is able to remotely reset the car.

How do I choose my battery "regen" strength?

On the Pilot Panel, press the settings gear then Vehicle then Drive Settings, then press to select between two levels of Regenerative Braking:

1. Standard - Provides the standard amount of regenerative braking. When you release the accelerator, the vehicle takes longer to slow down and coasts further than if set to High.

2. High - Provides the maximum amount of regenerative braking. When you release the accelerator, the vehicle slows down faster, reducing the need to use the brakes.

You may also access these settings by a shortcut: long press any drive mode selector (e.g. the Smnooth, Swift, or Sprint button on the pilot panel) and choose your mode from the pop-up menu.

How do I adjust sound and view in CarPlay?

How do I turn off the screens or retract the Pilot Panel?

All screens may be turned off temporarily by selecting Cleaning Mode, found in Settings > Display.

Pilot Panel On/Off:
To turn the Pilot Panel off, simply double tap the image of the car on the Pilot Panel. To turn the Pilot Panel back on, tap once anywhere on the Pilot Panel screen.

Retracting the Pilot Panel to access storage area:
To retract the Pilot Panel, long press the ^ symbol on the bottom of the Pilot Panel. To extend the Pilot Panel, tap the ^ symbol again.

Audio (many thanks to forum member bunnylebowski for his contributions to this section)

What is Surreal Sound Pro?

SSPro is a dual amplifier 21 speaker system capable of playing back professional cinema caliber multi-channel audio, chiefly Dolby Atmos. Lucid is the first automaker to produce a car that is capable of playing back Dolby Atmos mixes, followed by Mercedes Maybach/EQ line, Nio ET7 and the upcoming Volvo EX90. If you are a music and audio fidelity enthusiast, SSPro is a must. If you’re a casual music listener and listen to a lot of podcasts and news, save your $, you don’t need SSPro. SSPro can also send alert signals to specific speakers to focus your attention, such as the alert for the rear right passenger’s seatbelt not being buckled playing out of the rear right speaker.

How do I hear high resolution audio in the car?

Tidal Master Quality (MQA) and Apple Lossless (FLAC) are the best high resolution formats. You can play them over Tidal HiFi and Apple Music respectively by making sure those settings are enabled on your device. If you have a large music library you would like to play over the car, you can copy it to a USB FAT32 format drive and play it in the car, it can play MP4, MP3, AAC, uncompressed WAV, and 96/24 FLAC format files and they sound excellent. The car does not currently support ALAC or 192/24 FLAC files over USB at this time.

How do I get the most bass out of the car?

We recommend and EQ setting of +3-4 for low frequency, +1 for mid frequency and +2-3 for high frequency. The car has undergone rigorous testing and produces frequencies down to 32hz before a steep drop off, which is what most professional recording studio speakers are calibrated to. While some owners feel the need to install a larger subwoofer, the car produces substantial bass as demonstrated by several owners. If you wish to install a subwoofer or to after-market modify the sound system, make sure the re-assembly is inspected by a Lucid technician as the car utilizes custom made clips for the airbag system which could be disabled by after market speaker installations. Lucid is not responsible for any system malfunction due to after market modifications.

I have to turn up the sound louder in the Lucid than some other vehicles, why is this?

Unlike some cars which follow no professional audio calibration standards, the center console Lucid volume wheel is calibrated to increase in 2db increments from zero to 96dB, with 79dB being about 80% of maximum volume, which is the exact same standard small to medium size professional recording studios are calibrated to. So when the volume meter is at 80% you are hearing the mix at the same level it was mixed at in the recording studio (provided your source material is of adequate fidelity). Many other cars achieve a similar volume at a lower knob setting, at the expense of losing a lot of quieter details, and then allow the listener to turn up the volume too loud risking damage to the speakers. The Lucid is more sensible, nuanced and professionally accurate.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a 7.1.4 surround sound format in which films have been mixed for the last decade, and is the successor to Dolby Digital which is a 5.1 speaker format. (The speakers are Left//Center/Right/Left Surround/Left Rear Surround/Right Surround/Right Rear Surround/Subwoofer/Left height/Right Height/Left Rear Height/Right Rear Height). Audio engineers have increasingly adopted Atmos as the ultimate format for music mixing, with many new recordings being mixed in Atmos, and many older recordings have recently been remixed and remastered in Atmos with remarkable results. The added channels create an expansive and transparent sound stage by adding two extra surround channels, a discreet low frequency channel and four height channels.

How do I listen to Dolby Atmos mixes in the Lucid?

You need to subscribe to Tidal HiFI Plus. Apple Music is also capable of playing back Dolby Atmos on a home theater, but not over CarPlay, so the only way to reliably play back Atmos mixes is to use the native Tidal application in the car. Spotify does not support Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos also cannot be streamed over BlueTooth in the car via any application, as the bandwidth is too large, this is the case with any car. Dolby Atmos files also cannot be played over USB audio. Amazon Music does support Dolby Atmos but the only way to use it in the car is first to have a subscription to Amazon music, and then to ask Alexa to play the Atmos version of a song, and even then that may not work and is not easy to control. Once you have a Tidal HiFI Plus subscription, go to the applications menu under the settings menu in the car, choose Tidal, and make sure it says “HiFi Plus” and turn on HiFi under streaming, if you have not done this the car will not play back Atmos tracks. Then you can either search in the car for Atmos mixes, or search on your phone or computer and create a playlist, and that playlist will show up on the car the next time you drive the vehicle. When an Atmos track is playing it will have the blue (or white) Dolby Atmos logo next to it, and tracks that you search for that are Atmos are distinguished by the Atmos icon next to them.

Here are a couple example playlists with many excellent Atmos mixes to get you started, remember to get these to work in the car you must save these playlists to a playlist you have made on your own Tidal account, then they should show up in the car (copy and paste):

Is Dolby Atmos lower resolution audio than some other formats?

It depends. Both Tidal and Apple Music play back Dolby Atmos as Dolby Digital Plus JOC MP4 format which is 768kbps, nearly double what Spotify Premium audio plays for a two channel stereo mix. Tidal MQA format can be up to 1446 Kbps meanwhile, and Apple Hi-Res Lossless can do 24bit/192khz but these formats are only for two channel audio, not multi-channel . Dolby True HD is the highest resolution multi-channel audio (outside of 24bit/192khz in a recording studio) and is lossless, but that is currently not supported in any car, and almost no home theaters, and can only be heard in the cinema.

I cannot position the sound towards different speakers in the car when playing Dolby Atmos tracks, why is this?

This is on purpose. The car’s DSP cannot over-ride speaker position in Atmos as the whole point of Atmos is the audio engineer has already chosen the audio placement in the various speakers (IE in The Doors Riders on the Storm Atmos mix, the rain sounds come from the height and surround channels, it would ruin the mix if you were to position the entire mix to the left or right, etc). The Dolby Codec does not allow you to move the audio around in space.

I’m not sure my car is playing audio out of the surround/height speakers, how do I test this?

Many mixes do not constantly send audio to all speakers, but if you wish to test the basic 7.1.4 speaker format here are a few test tracks that will play various things discreetly:

Spotify normal resolution doesn’t sound very good in the car, why is this?

Spotify normal resolution uses a lossy audio compression format, and the high resolution of the Lucid sound system, much like any Audiophile quality home system, will expose thin and weak sounding compression more than an audio system designed to hype certain frequencies and be loud.


How do I contact Customer Service?

Customer Care is available 24/7, 365.\

Call (toll free) or Text +1 (888) 99-Lucid (888-995-8243)


Text START to message with Customer Care or receive reminders and notifications for service appointments.