2023 Software Wishlist Survery Results

Dear Lucid: Your owners have spoken! Please implement these software features!

In January 2023, the moderators at www.lucidowners.com conducted a poll asking owners to vote on their most desired software features in the Lucid Air.


•Owners were asked to vote for their top 10 from the list below.

•This list is in order of the number of votes received, which is indicated next to the name.

•Click the arrow to the right of each item for more information.  

Green indicates implemented, yellow indicates partially implemented.

•Android Auto was not on the poll at that time because its release seemed imminent.  Boy were we wrong.

•DDP improvments were not on the poll as many thought it would be integrated soon.  Again... wrong.

Sentry/dashcam mode (326)

Details: Sentry mode allows car to monitor its perimeter when parked and notify owner if an issue occurs. Dashcam allows constant timestamped recording to front and rear and enables saving of video when user wants or in case of accident. Save to USB or cloud as per user preference. User may define upload destination, such as Google Drive.

Further enhancement: location-based enabling option, so may be disabled when parked in home garage, etc. to save battery.

User selected display on upper and lower screens (290)

Details: currently, navigation/phone/audio may be shown on the upper screen only or drag to be shown on both screens. Will allow the user to choose what is shown on the upper screen separately from the lower. If the same item is indeed shown on the upper and lower, the lower screen would have greater detail or functionality.

One possible solution is facilitated by moving “Charging” and “Themes” buttons to settings and “Massage” into seats. These 3 open spots would be replaced by Navigation, Audio, and Phone. Other solutions could be explored.

Simplified reset procedure (243)

Several reset procedures have been described in the forums. None of these procedures can be performed while the car is in motion. A simple reset procedure for infotainment without affecting drivability is desired.

Improved calculation using driving history and possibly other factors. Applicable to miles remaining display as well as navigation. (240)

Currently, the miles remaining is calculated based on EPA testing for the vehicle. Efficiency can vary quite a bit based on driving style, average speed, elevation, headwinds, external temperature, etc. The miles remaining display would take into account the last few miles of driving (amount TBD) to make its calculations. This could be further enhanced to take into account multiple other factors as listed here. For example, GPS reported elevation and wind speed could be incorporated in the calculations.

Partially implemented OTA 2.0.52, now accurate for navigation ending %SOC, but not main display.

Easy entry/exit option (217)

Details: many vehicles offer steering wheel and seat movement to facilitate entry to and exit from the vehicle. The steering wheel would rise to its top position of tilt and the seat would move back enough to allow the driver to more easily get in or out of the vehicle.

Google navigation (180)

Details: there's been many user complaints of incorrect navigation, circuitous routes, incomplete maps, etc. This enhancement would allow the user to choose Google maps or make them default.

User selected display on the right side of the center cockpit panel (179)

Details: currently, unless navigation is active and turn by turn directions are shown at the right edge of the center dashboard screen, that screen shows only the (admittedly pretty) Air logo. This enhancement would allow the user to choose what is shown on that portion of the screen. It could be tire pressures, audio status, phone status, enhanced vehicle details such as efficiency (discussed in a separate item on this poll), etc.

Improved HomeLink interface (164)

Details: currently, the rear camera view covers the entire right cockpit display panel as well as the entire Pilot Panel. This enhancement would simply allow the Pilot Panel mode buttons to always be visible as well as the top bar of the right cockpit screen.

Another option would be to move HomeLink controls to the left side of the cockpit display.

Scheduled charging either via app or car (160)

Details: Allow for scheduled charging via the Pilot Panel or via the app. (added with OTA 2.0.52)
Further enhancement: location-based charging options for owners with multiple homes or charging sites.

‘Warning Only’ mode for Lane Departure Detection (155)

Details: Allow for scheduled charging via the Pilot Panel or via the app. (added with OTA 2.0.52)
Further enhancement: location-based charging options for owners with multiple homes or charging sites.

Improved automatic climate control fan and temperature intensity (147)

Details: some users have complained that the fan and temperature of the air are not intense enough to quickly achieve the automatic climate control set temperature. This enhancement would more appropriately set air temperature in fan speed to quickly achieve the desired temperature without requiring the user to also use the seat or steering wheel heat controls.

Geofenced automatic HomeLink operation (145)

Details: Currently, the HomeLink menu automatically becomes visible when the car detects it is at the desired location. This enhancement would allow the user to create a preference that automatically activates the chosen HomeLink at the chosen location. Such a function would open the garage/gate when the car approaches and close it when the car leaves the location. In addition, existing HomeLink items could be edited to move the geofence location.

Automatic preconditioning (144)

Details: user option to have a vehicle automatically precondition the battery at appropriate time when navigation to a charger is selected as destination or waypoint.

Enable USB for direct phone connection or USB device for music (126)

Details: Bluetooth music does not have a quality level of music played directly over USB. Users are hoping that the USB port in the car will be enabled for playback from the phone or a USB device.

Improved Visualizations on Center Dashboard (126)

Details: display would show a graphic of the Lucid to indicate lights that are on, brake lights, etc. When in ACC or Highway Assist mode, would show the relative positions of other cars, objects, road hazards, etc.

Display efficiency (m/Kw) on left side of center cockpit display (110)

Details: Users enjoy seeing their current efficiency without using to the pilot panel which is dangerous to use during driving.

More Comprehensive Information Displays (103)

Details: Some of the more nerdy among us, myself included, would like to see more information about which the car knows but we don't. Temperatures, efficiencies via graph, charging statistics (daily/weekly/monthly/annual), systems status, prior error codes, regen amount, instantaneous current draw, instantaneous efficiency, graphs of expected SOC versus actual at journey's end, etc. Could potentially be shown as a view option on the right side of the center cockpit display (assuming the car eventually has that) or on the Pilot Panel.

Add other music sources (89)

Details: add other music sources such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime, Pandora.

Mobile app: Window controls, seat heat and steering wheel heat controls (84)

Details: users have requested these additional functionalities in the app.

User control over Navigation favorite buttons on Home Screen (83)

Details: currently there are two navigation buttons always shown on the home screen: Home and Work. This enhancement would allow the user to select which of those is displayed, change the names, or add additional/subtract items. Additionally, users could delete destinations that were sent to the car from the app and never used.

Fine control over intermittent wipers (76)

Details: currently, there were only two settings for intermittent wipers. Many users have requested having more fine control over the settings and having the lowest setting be lower than the current low and the highest setting being higher than the current high. There could be, for example, five settings to allow user control. A pop-up menu could appear when the intermittent wipers button is held down on the left portion of the dashboard and allow the user to select from a menu. Or, alternatively, additional taps of the High button would raise the intermittent intensity and the Low button would reduce it. Additionally, while it is fun to get soaking wet, the wipers should pause when the door is open.

Dog mode - Camper mode (75)

Details: Dog Mode allows the user to set the temperature in the car, and the car will keep the interior of the vehicle at that temperature until the user returns. Car will display a message on the screen letting people know that the dog is safe. It's called dog mode because if you have a cat, you should consider getting a Camry.

Camper mode maintains a set temperature if somebody chooses to sleep in the car and does a bunch of other camper-ish stuff. Why someone would do that in this car I have no idea. Get a hotel room.

Add video sources (74)

Detail: add video sources such as YouTube, Hulu, etc. for users when the vehicle is parked. Particularly useful during charging. Likely would require a user's cellular hotspot.

Enhanced sound controls (68)

Details: Audio system sound is a highly subjective thing. Having an enhanced equalizer that allows the user to adjust more portions of the audio spectrum would please users who have specific taste in music and its presentation. Such an equalizer could be specific to each sound source, e.g. satellite could have a different saved setting than AM/FM. Such a feature could be enhanced even further to be specific to a certain playlist or individual satellite station. Not only will this enhance sound, but would reduce enormously long discussion threads in the forum about audio.

In addition, adding separate volume controls for audio, navigation voice, and phone are desired. Speed sensitive volume is another common request.

Frunk and trunk opening allowed only when vehicle is in Park (68)

Details: users consider this a safety requirement. The only time it can be opened when the vehicle is not in park is by the person that you have kidnapped inside.

Exterior lights full off mode (67)

Details: currently it is impossible to turn off all exterior lights. This enhance it would allow the user to do so.

User controlled, enhanced, or geofenced automatic locking versus staying unlocked (66)

1. Some users prefer to keep their car unlocked while it is in the garage. A setting would be added to the vehicle that would allow users to choose a geofenced location to always keep the car unlocked.
2. A setting would be added to the vehicle to temporarily keep it unlocked/locked. This is useful when loading the vehicle in multiple trips or when working in the garage. If chosen, setting would self-cancel the next time the car is driven and revert to standard behavior.
3. User selectable auto-locking delay. This would affect the delay before the car locks itself when the mobile key or key fob leaves the vehicle sensor perimeter. Users have said that when loading a baby or cargo to the rear passenger side of the vehicle, by the time they walk around to the driver's side the car is already locked again. In such a case, the locking delay would be extended. User preference in settings.

Incorporate longer music buffering for all sources to improve performance in areas with intermittent cellular coverage. (60)

Details: "Buffering" has to do with the amount of data that is held in memory when a music source is playing. Increasing the buffer would allow a longer period of music to be held in memory so if the user travels through an area of poor cellular coverage, the music can play from memory until it can pick up better coverage again. Suggested time: three minutes.

User selected options for locking and unlocking (57)

Details: expand the settings menu in the car to allow much more control and personalization of the interface. For locking and unlocking, offer fob/mobile key options such as:

(1) FULL AUTO - unlock/lock automatically based on proximity,
(2) AUTO LOCK/PUSH HANDLE TO UNLOCK - unlock by pushing in the door handle, lock automatically based on proximity
(3) AUTO UNLOCK/PUSH HANDLE TO LOCK - unlock automatically based on proximity, lock by pushing in the door handle
(4) PUSH HANDLE ONLY - unlock/lock only by pushing in the door handle.

Unlock Setting:

Such settings can be tied to individual key fobs or mobile keys (especially if multiple logins to app becomes available)
Further enhancement: location-based enabling option, so alternate mode may be selected when parked in home garage, etc. for convenience.

Revamped profile selection/recognition (50)

Details: it is currently poorly understood how profiles are selected when the mobile key or key fob is in use versus facial recognition. Enhancement would allow the user to select how the profile is chosen and what functions or preferences are tied to that profile.

Allow setting a minimum State of Charge (SOC) % upon arrival for route and charge planning (42)

Details: you just might wish to have a certain state of charge remaining when arriving at their destination. This will recommend charging locations and amount of charging based on this setting.

Memory presets for driver and passenger seat independent of profile (40)

Details: currently, driver seat position is tied to the user profile. However, a single user may wish to have multiple memory seat positions. This is especially useful during charging because the user might wish to recline or move the seat back. Also, currently passenger seat has no memory options.

Hide audio sources that are not activated (33)

Details: currently, all possible audio sources are shown across the top of the Pilot Panel while in audio mode. This includes audio sources that are not being used by that specific user. With this enhancement, if a certain audio source is not activated in settings, its icon will not be shown on the Pilot Panel

Allow each user to have a unique app login (30)

Details: individual logins would make profile detection and loading simpler.

Retain last tire pressure in app after car goes to sleep (28)

Details: after a period of time the app shows no information about tire pressures. This request would show last known pressure, and have a warning message that the tire pressure may have changed during vehicle sleep.

Mobile App: Select profile (25)

Details: because there is only one login available across multiple devices, and because many users are now using the mobile key and do not carry the fob, and because facial detection is not always reliable based on steering wheel position and driver height, a user could select desired profile directly from the app. By setting from the app, any adjustments, including seat position, are completed prior to entering the vehicle.

Allowing sharing of user selected options across multiple user profiles (19)

Details: some users wish to have the same or similar settings in their profiles as other users. There are multiple ways to facilitate this, including:
1. allow a user to duplicate and then rename an existing profile. This would allow HomeLink, music, etc., to be shared across profiles and then adjusted per individual as desired.
2. Allow user to display a list of what the a user's profile affects and select the items that user wishes to be shared across profiles. Especially useful for HomeLink.

Vehicle Cellular Connectivity Options (18)

Details: two options here:
1. users have expressed an interest in allowing the vehicle to use their own cellular carrier signal for navigation and other functions. This would be useful if a user's cellular system is faster or stronger in a certain area than the built-in system.
2. Allow the SIM in the car to be changed so a user can use the more prevalent cellular signal in the area and also take advantage of speed upgrades such as 5G.

Improvements to Dream Drive Pro

Drive Drive Pro, althnough expensive., is currently limited only to Highway Assist. Many other features have been discussed but not implemented. These include Traffic Jam Assist and Highway Pilot.

Show range at destination in %SOC when battery SOC is selected rather than miles (16)

Details: currently the user can select percent of battery remaining or miles remaining. The users selection should also be reflected in the Range at Destination display shown when navigation is active.

Enhanced mirror fold options (16)

Details: drivers have expressed the desire to have more functionality over mirror folding. With this item, additional options would be available in the settings menu. For example, the mirrors could always stay open or closed when located at a geofenced location.

Planned departures (16)

Detail: enable a calendar function to plan departure times. This will include single, daily, and weekly options. This is useful when an owner would prefer the car automatically apply climate control settings at set times.

Intensity levels for steering wheel heat (12)

Details: three levels of intensity similar to the heated and ventilated seats.

Additional trip efficiency options (12)

Details: currently, the efficiency display options are Trip A, Trip B, and Since Last Recharge. This enhancement would add additional categories, such as Lifetime and Current Trip.