Dear Lucid: Please fix these bugs!

Below are the results of the 2024 bug survey, representing over 4.8 million miles driven!

Total Submissions: 620 - updated 4/20/2024

Trims: Pure: 112, Touring: 236, GT: 112, Dream: 23, Sapphire: 1

Total Miles Driven: 4,802,018

Average Miles Driven: 7,745

Highest Mileage: 65,000

Percent iPhone: 73% (iPhone: 450, Android: 164)

(red = Top 10; green = bug fixed)

72% - Phone app does not always wake car properly.

69% - LIDAR will sometimes display "camera blocked" during rainy conditions.

67% - Repeated locking and unlocking when Mobile Key or Fob is near the car.

63% - Phone app wakes car when unnecessary (e.g. to check on remaining range) and waking car takes way too long.

47% - Internet connectivity is intermittent.

44% - Key Fob users only: battery dies too quickly.

39% - Car slams on brakes when reversing if an object is detected even if it is far away.

39% - Mobile Key users only: Car will display "Mobile key not detected" when phone in the car.

39% - Lucid Navigation users only: Navigation chooses a non-optimized route.

32% - Parking Assist users only: unable to find open parking spaces.

30% - Bluetooth phone call sound quality is poor.

30% - Speed limit display not updating correctly.

29% - Alexa users only: Alexa provides no or incorrect responses.

29% - CarPlay users only: Audio is not heard (includes Apple Music and streaming audio).

27% - CarPlay users only: Media widget sometimes gets out of sync. Shows either no item, or a previously played item.

24% - CarPlay users only: While using navigation, the screen pauses/freezes.

23% - Lucid Navigation users only: HERE maps not navigating to the proper location.

22% - CarPlay users only: Widget sometimes does not show correct source, correct song, or anything at all.

22% - iPhone App users only: Apple Watch app does not work.

22% - While HA and ACC are OFF, repeated "pay attention keep hands on steering wheel" warnings for 5-10 seconds that does not go off even with large steering wheel movements. Seems to happen when driving on or near center line on narrow streets.

21% - CarPlay users only: Waze/Google Maps zooms in and out unnecessarily.

18% - iPhone app users only: Widgets are blank and/or disappear from home screen.

17% - Corner radar faults during normal driving.

16% - Lucid Navigation users only: Navigation gets stuck in one place.

15% - Car will not lock with proximity lock on after walking away.

14% - Scheduled charging users only: scheduled charging is inconsistent.

12% - Android users only: Mobile key is inconsistent and requires many settings changes.

11% - Android users only: Mobile key does not always work and varies between phone types.

10% - TIDAL users only: TIDAL plays music over phone calls.

9% - Shock and Tilt alert randomly goes off.

2% - Lucid Navigation users only: Navigates to Rivian Chargers when it should not.