2.1.52 - 2/29/2024 (15)

With this update, we’re delivering updates and improvements to your vehicle.

SAPPHIRE: For better handling, we improved the torque vectoring for Sapphire vehicles.

RANGEXCHANGE: We have updated RangeXchange, which enables you to charge other EVs using your mobile charger, with modified battery preconditioning for better power management. See Owner’s Manual for more information on RangeXchange.

TIRE SWAPPING: When changing tire sizes, you can now update the vehicle configuration through the Pilot Panel rather than visiting a service center.

SIDE MIRROR: Passenger side mirror now tilts down during reverse to assist in parking.

POWER TRAIN: There are now earlier low battery warnings in cold weather for better driver awareness.


     •We improved battery temperature management during cold weather for faster charge time.

     •There are now improved preconditioning profiles at low battery levels for increased charging speed.

     *There is a new coolant heater failure warning that notifies you of loss of defrost capability and to contact a Lucid service center if warranted.