Dear Lucid: Please fix these bugs!

Below are the top ten bugs from our 1.4 millon+ mile survey

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Items will be removed as they are fixed.  

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100%   The miles of range remaining is not based on actual driving history/style (and based only on EPA) so is therefore unreliable.

83%    Unnecessary repeated locking and unlocking when mobile key or fob is near the car.

77%    Phone app wakes car when unnecessary (e.g. to check on remaining range) and waking car takes way too long.

63%    Car will display "Mobile key not detected" when mobile key is clearly in the car.

60%    LIDAR will sometimes display "camera blocked" during rainy conditions.

60%    High-quality reverse and 360 camera system takes way too long to boot.

58%    Phone app does not always wake car properly.

57%    Internet connectivity is intermittent.

56%    Mobile Key fails (or is delayed) to unlock car despite standing within range; especially true when approaching the car from the rear.

55%    Alexa provides no or incorrect responses.

50%    Hand-off from WiFi to Cellular takes too long.